SlovoEd Deluxe English-Russian

SlovoEd Deluxe English-Russian 7.6

Lets you easily find appropriate translation of any word

The SlovoEd Deluxe English-Russian electronic dictionary will provide you with a powerful and fast translation tool for your PC, thus enabling you to translate and read your e-mails, documents and web pages without leaving the application that you're working in, with just one click. The Deluxe edition is powered by Oxford and contains 27,898 entries in the English-Russian dictionary and 47,851 entries in its Russian-English dictionary. A sound module is built into the program, to allow you to hear the correct pronunciation of 20,000 entries by native speakers, which will help you to learn faster and to communicate confidently.

The program also includes detailed translation articles with usage, synonyms and antonyms. Developed with professionals in mind, the SlovoEd Deluxe dictionary enables you to create your own dictionary, and provides you with references and detailed translations. The program presents you with a bright, Windows-style interface that is easy to use, and you can change the settings to suit your own style, layout, and font preferences. The interface features a history search option and the facility to bookmark unknown words. The Deluxe edition of the SlovoEd English-Russian dictionary is the most detailed and has the largest up-to-date dictionary databases, but the program is also available in Classic, or Compact editions. Both have the same functionality as the Deluxe, but have smaller databases.

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